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"Elements of Culture"

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Assignment Overview

In order to successfully finish this course you must complete:

  1. six (6) TRAs ( "team readiness assessments"), done both individually & *IN TEAMS*
    [lowest score dropped; 5 x 10 points for each individual & team = 100 points total]
  2. eighteen (18) Application Exercises (300 points total), completed in class, *IN TEAMS*
    [receiving full credit for these activities requires preparing & bringing homework for each;
      40% of points for each activity is distributed via a Peer Evaluation system]

    TBL timeline

  3. six (6) Unit Tests, including both individual questions & a team exercise
    [lowest score dropped; 5 x 40 points (individual + team activity) = 200 points total]
  4. three (3) Consultant Reports (100 + 100 + 100 points, 300 points total)
    [4 page worksheet, peer review, and final 4 page paper--all done three times]
  5. one (1) Final Exam, including individual questions & a team activity (100 points total)
    [Final TRA questions drawn from earlier Unit Tests]

[OVERALL SCALE: 94-100%=A, 90-93.9%=A-, 87-89.9%=B+, 84--87.9%=B, 80-83.9%=B-, etc.]

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