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From this unit onward, all readings in this schedule must be completed by the day under which they are listed. This requirement is assessed via TRAs, homework and End-of-Unit Challenges throughout the semester.

CAUTION: I reserve the right to make revisions to scenarios & reading guides prior to their discussion in class at the relevant point in the semester. Therefore WAIT until that time to print out these materials.

--> Accessing the Readings

September 22 - October 1
Unit 1a: Ancient India
(15th century BCE - 2nd century CE)

October 6 - 15
Unit 1b: The Classical Period of Medieval India
(3rd - 10th century CE)

October 20 - 29
Unit 2a: The Classical Period of Ancient China
(15th century BCE - 2nd century CE)

November 3 - 12
Unit 2b: Medieval China
(3rd - 10th century CE)

November 17 - 26
Unit 3a: Early Medieval Tibet & Southeast Asia
(1st - 12th century CE)

December 1 - 10
Unit 3b: Early Medieval Korea & Japan
(1st - 12th century CE)

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