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As in Unit 1, all readings in this schedule must be completed by the day under which they are listed. This requirement is assessed via TRAs, homework and End-of-Unit Challenges throughout the semester.

CAUTION: I reserve the right to make revisions to on-line materials prior to their discussion in class at the relevant point in the semester. Therefore WAIT until that time to print out materials you wish to have on hand, such as terms, excerpts and assignment guidelines.

--> Accessing the Readings

Unit 2b: Medieval China (3rd - 10th century CE)

Dates Tasks Readings
Mon, Nov 3

TRA #2b
(individual & team)

overview of Scenario 2b & Reading Guide 2b

view audio-visual excerpts

STUDY key concepts in these overviews for TRA #2b:

BROWSE on-line information regarding contemporary practices described in Scenario 2b:

A. visualizing body chemistry
    (animation from "What the Bleep Do We Know")
    & Qi Gong & Tai Chi
B. nature connection
    (traditions of the "Wilderness Awareness School")
C. studying the letters of Thomas Jefferson & Benjamin Franklin

Wed, Nov 5

ApEx Set 2b

(*2 HOMEWORK PAGES REQUIRED* - use optional homework worksheet if helpful: PDF | MS Word)

LOCATE examples from these primary sources (use the Reading Guide to get oriented) to address the Scenario Homework:

A. "Body Gods & Inner Vision: the Scripture of the Yellow Court" (RAP: RDR, 109-12)

B. "Three Poets: T'ao Ch'ien" [selections] (RDR, 113-21) [=MOO, p. 432-39, 442-47, 453-55]

C. "Wang Xizhi and Calligraphic Gentrification" (ASA: RDR, 122-28)

VIEW the following images to inform your reading of the above sources:

Mon, Nov 10

*Unit 2 Practice Instuctions
worksheet* (PDF/MS Word)
DUE by 5 pm on SacCT

[+ arrange to deliver your worksheet to your peer reviewer]


Wed, Nov 12

End-of-Unit Challenge 2b

  • 10 multiple choice questions
  • culminating team activity

+ turn in additional *HOMEWORK PAGE* (use optional homework worksheet if helpful: PDF | MS Word)


REVIEW & STUDY TERMS & EXCERPTS from the Reading Guide in these primary sources for End-of-Unit Challenge 2b:

  • "Body Gods & Inner Vision: The Scripture of the Yellow Court" (RAP: RDR, 109-12)
  • "Master Zhuang" (Youtube video)
  • "Three Poets: T'ao Ch'ien" [selections] (RDR, 113-121) [=MOO, p. 432-39, 442-47, 453-55]
  • "Buddhas & Bodhisattvas in China" (or download)
    [if unable to view, download & install PowerPoint Viewer (PC/Mac)]
  • "Wang Xizhi and Calligraphic Gentrification" (ASA: RDR, 122-28)

STUDY TERMS marked with asterisks (*) in the Reading Guide using these **ONLINE** EB overviews (click links below to access) for End-of-Unit Challenge 2b:

WARNING: make sure that you use these links to access EB; going through the library's database page may lead to different material, which will likely confuse you when preparing for TRA.

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