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Daily Practice

This assignment is designed to get you to experience for yourself what it is like to engage in a daily art form or ritual that manifests some culture in which you participate. You will need to refer to this practice in each of the guided reflection assigments.


As stated in the syllabus, you must fill out and submit the Daily Practice Form (MS Word/PDF) at the beginning of class Wednesday, February 20. I will then assess your practice in class sometime after March 11 (end of Unit 1), and then you will make an appointment during the final weeks of the term to recite or show your work. What you turn in at each of these times will depend on your choice:

A. if you recite something as part of your practice, I ask that you

B. if you are creating something as part of your practice, I ask that you

In either case, you will also use this practice as a reference point in the third part of each of the guided reflections.

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