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Extra Credit

Students who have kept up with and enjoyed all the readings may wish to earn extra credit to supplement their grades using any or all of the means listed below. However make sure to prioritize required assignments, since these are worth five to ten times more than extra credit supplements.

Written Analyses of Additional Readings

Students have an opportunity to raise their Unit Test score for a given unit by submitting an analysis of one of the OPTIONAL readings listed under "Extra Credit Readings, Practices & Terms."

To complete the analysis, choose a reading and highlight important passages that seem most clearly related to its overall point. Then download and complete the form provided (MS Word/PDF), which asks you to (1) select passages from three parts of the source; (2) give a synopsis of the whole and related your passages to it; and (3) compare and contrast the reading to one of the assigned readings (i.e., those used for application exercise) for the same subunit.

Each analysis may add up to ten (10) points to your Unit Test score, for a maximum of ten (20) points for two analyses per unit. Any points earned from such analyses are added directly to the immediately preceding Unit Test, except for extra credit done during the introductory unit which is added to Unit Test #1a.

OPTIONAL Trial Analysis

Students wishing to try out this option may receive a **FULL 20 POINTS** for writing an analysis of the following materials.

These are meant to be skimmed rather than exhaustively read, and your analysis should take the perspective of a misguided alien observer of Xg57h4y.

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