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Guided Reflections (Units 1 & 2)

The Guided Reflection assignment asks you to look more closely at the real world scenarios considered for Application Exercises. For each unit, you choose and study in depth an assigned practice listed in one of the two reading guides for the relevant unit, and explore connections between that assigned Asian practice and a daily practice you create for yourself. Based on this in-depth exploration, you then advise the group described in the contemporary scenario for the Application Exercise addressing your chosen Asian practice. Although the steps in the Guided Reflection process are clearly laid out, the multiple stages of thinking and planning involved make it the most challenging task you will undertake in this and most other similar courses, requiring you to develop more fully the skills briefly explored in the Application Exercises.

Extra Credit

Up to ten (10) points of extra credit may be earned for any reflection that indicates thorough reading of one of the optional historical records of Asian practice listed for the relevant unit under "Extra Credit Readings, Practices & Terms."

A. If you choose a source thatprovides additional information about one of the practices addressed in an Application Exerise, simply integrate this information with your description of the associated Asian practice. This will earn you up to FIVE (5) extra points for the assignment.

B. If you choose a source thatdescribes an entirely different practice not yet considered in class, you can relate this practice to either of the two scenarios in the relevant unit, and briefly describe your own similar contemporary practice. This will earn you up to TEN (10) extra points for the assignment.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to hand-write "PLEASE CONSIDER FOR EXTRA CREDIT" at the top of your paper if you wish you reflection to be considered.

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