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Team Application Exercises

TRAs prepare you to take part in application exercises in their teams, which guide your team in analyzing the assigned primary sources as evidence of the cultures that produced them. Each application exercise asks teams to consider how the different elements of culture of culture influence one another, both positively and negatively.

To prepare for each team assignment, in addition to reviewing the primary source reading in depth, you must

(a) be present for the TA brainstorming session following each TRA (10 points), and then

(b) bring with you to the next class a full page of notes addressing the focus of the TA, as reviewed in class and posted in the on-line schedule for the relevant unit (another 10 points).

Your page of notes should have

  • the focus statement copied at the top, followed by
  • 3-5 points or passages from the source, each marked with a page number.

You may use or adapt the OPTIONAL "TA Preparation Worksheet" (PDF | MS Word) if you find it helpful.

Points for both (a) & (b) will be added to the group team assignment score.

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