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Application Exercises

The Application Exercises (ApExs) for each unit guide students in reading three Asian primary source, in order to prepare for the End-of-Unit Challenge given at the end of the unit, which requires using information gathered from the Asian sources to offer advice as part of a hypothetical contemporary scenario.

NOTE: Application Exercises require reading unfamiliar sources before discussing them with team members. Most students thus need to allow more time than they are used to prepare for each exercise.

Scoring of Application Exercises

There are two components to scoring the set of three Application Exercise in each units:

  1. PREPARATION & ATTENDANCE: Each of the three Application Exercises is worth ten (10) points each, for TOTAL of 30 points each unit (x 6 course units = 180 points over the course of the term). These points are awarded simply for preparing homework and being present in your team for the exercise.

    IMPORTANT: students who are missing homework for a given Application Exercise will receive only **HALF CREDIT** for that exercise (5 out of 10 points).

  2. PEER EVALUATION: An average of 20 additional points is awarded for each team member's participation in each set of three Application Exercises, determined all at once for the entire term: 20 points average x 6 units = 120 points average.

    The exact number of points, however, may be higher or lower, as determined via the Peer Evaluation posted in SacCT, which will take the average of the scores assigned to you by other team members. Team members must assign an average of 120 points to each team member other than themselves, but can give more to some and less to others.

    Team members will complete a trial Peer Evaluation at mid-term, which will not count for the final grade, so that each student knows where they stand and can take steps to adjust their approach if needed. Scores assigned during the final Peer Evaluation at the end of the course will determine the exact number of points out of 120.

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