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Team Readiness Assessments (TRAs)

Team Readiness Assessments (TRAs) are given at the start of each two week unit to assess student comprehension of key concepts, in order to prepare the way for team Application Exercises.

NOTE: each TRA takes place before introductory materials are discussed in class. Most students thus need to allow more time than they are used to prepare for each TRA.

TRA Logistics: the "Readiness Assurance Process"

  • TRAs will be marked via Scantron (#815e, 15 questions) during the first class of each unit (see syllabus for exact dates). Please make sure to bring a blank Scantron and #2 pencil to class, as these will not be provided.

  • Individuals and teams will each be allowed roughly twenty (10) minutes to complete each TRA.The TRA is closed-book, but students are **encouraged to print and bring the first three reading guide pages** and **any notes written directly onto that guide.**

NOTE: Each question will count for two (2) points, for a total of 10 points for each individual and team. Since individual and team scores are added together, each individual ends up with a score out of 10 points for each TRA. The lowest TRA score will be dropped for each individual and team.

  • When finished with the team test, pick up a "TRA Question Analysis" form and decide if there is one or more questions you felt were to difficult or misleading, or if you want to propose your own question. A successful question analysis and effective alternative question may both receive up to 4 extra points of credit for the team (= 40% of the TRA score).

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