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After attentively engaging with the materials presented in this course, you should be able to:

  1. (a) effectively answer basic questions, posed by a peer unfamiliar with food-related practices and related experiences of the sacred, regarding key terms, images, and primary sources related to Hindu religious life throughout Asia; and
    (b) locate reliable scholarly sources that address aspects of food, farming & the sacred that you don't understand fully, and formulate questions to guide your reading of those sources.

  2. (a) precisely and accurately describe, again for a peer unfamiliar with food-related practices and related experiences of the sacred, the way that cultural practices (religious or not) inspire the thoughts & feelings of people involved in those practices, and the way such thoughts and practices heighten engagement in those practices; and
    (b) present a balanced selection of excerpts from assigned, pre-modern and modern primary sources documenting food-related cultural and religious traditions, which support your statements about the mutual influence of practice & participants' reflections.

  3. (a) compare and contrast, for class members as well as peers outside the classroom, the different ways that practice & participants' reflections shape each other as documented in the primary sources studied; and
    (b) compare and contrast the mutual influence of practice & participants' reflections with the interaction of practice & reflection you observe directly at local worship sites, and with your own experience of eating mindfully and/or participating in meals that highlight the sacred in some way.

  4. effectively communicate with peers while refining the skills listed in #1-3.

  5. appreciate the spiritual relevance of food-related practice and related experiences of the sacred in world history.

  6. continue asking questions and gathering insights about the sacred and its connection to food and farming throughout your life.


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