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Source Analyses --> Extra Credit

At the end of units 2 & 4, when you are NOT writing an Observation Report, you must submit an analysis of one assigned readings from the half of the course you have just completed; additional readings are also available to earn extra credit. As for observation reports, you write for a peer who is unfamiliar with the topic, since several student Source Analyses will be assigned as readings for the final TRA and final application exercise.

A word of CAUTION: shorter sources are often more difficult to analyze.

Extra Credit

The are two ways you can extra credit with the Source Analysis assignment.

A. Read and analyze one of the additional *sources* listed below for a REQUIRED Source Analysis, due at the end of Unit 2 & 4. In this case up to 10 points will be added to your score for the required Source Analysis, depending on how thoroughly you have read the additional source.

B. Complete an additional *Source Analysis Worksheet (SAW)*, beyond the one that is required for a given half of the course, using either a different assigned reading or one from the additional sources listed below. In this case you will also receive up to 10 points, independently of the score you obtain on the required Source Analysis.

Using either or a combination of these means, you may earn a maximum of 20 extra credit points for each half of the course. However, make sure to prioritize the completion of required assignments, since these are worth over seven times more than extra credit supplements.

Units 1-2--> Any 20-25 page chapter from these books (@ RBR):

  • Toussaint-Samat, A History of Food
    (--> search index for India, China, middle ages, middle east & European countries)
  • Counihan & Esterik, Food & Culture
    (--> chapters on Asian cultures, middle eastern & European cultures)
  • K.C. Chang, Food in Chinese Culture
  • Sterckx, Of Tripod & Palate
  • Fick, Food, Farming & Faith
  • Bynum, Holy Feast & Holy Fast, chapters 7-10
  • Garn, Cities, Peasants & Food in Classical Antiquity

OR "Eat, Food, Man Woman" (film @ LMC)

Units 3-4

A. From recommended books:

  • [TBA]

B. On reserve at the library:

  • [TBA]

C. At the Library Media Center:

  • [TBA]

CAUTION: make sure to describe scenes in terms of the narrator's activites and images shown, not just narration.

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