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Final Paper (40 points)

The final paper allows you to explore

  • a theme or issue considered previously in one of the two reading analyses, by
  • selecting one new source (two for masters' level work) not assigned for the class which would extend your consideration of that theme or issue, in order to
  • explore the relationship of the two readings to one another and to the wider themes of the course.

The format and standards for the final paper will be the same as that of the reading analyses, requiring (1) a brainstorming report, (2) peer review and (3) a final product. Due to the added complexity of addressing two distinct sources, however, your brainstorming report should include an additional section entitled "Integration" detailing how your will integrate representation, evaluation & wider relevance of your sources. We are currently discussing the exact content of this section together as a class.

Things to Consider for "Integration" Section:

  • claim(s) that you propose to make in relation to the two sources
  • how you plan to illustrate said claim(s) by drawing on the available sources
  • sequence of elements in your final product, especially re: treatment of each source
  • anything else that might help you plan how you put the final product together!

Final Papers