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Application Exercises for Teams

TRAs prepare students to take part in application exercises in their teams, which guide the team in analyzing the assigned primary sources as evidence of the cultures that produced them. Each application exercise asks teams consider how the different elements of religious life influence one another, both positively and negatively.

To prepare for each application exercise, in addition to reviewing the primary source reading in depth, you must

(a) pay attention to the exercises's focus, posted in the on-line schedule for the relevant day, and then

(b) bring with you to class a preparation page addressing the focus of the exercise, as reviewed in class and posted in the schedule.

IMPORTANT: students who attend the Application Exercise without notes will receive only **HALF CREDIT** for the team's score.

Your page of notes should have

  • the focus statement copied at the top, followed by
  • 3-5 sets of passages & paraphrase from the source that help address the focus of the exercise, as requested in the prompt posted in the schedule, making sure that
  • each set of passages is marked with the specific page number(s) of the primary source from which details were drawn.

You may use or adapt the OPTIONAL "Preparation for Application Exercise" worksheet (PDF | MS Word) if you find it helpful.

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