"Indian Philosophy in Religious Context:
Hindus & Buddhists Envisioning the Ultimate in South Asia"

(Religion 387)


Required Texts

All of these books are available at the bookstore. (Caution: Keep in mind that the bookstore starts returning textbooks sometime during midterm.  Failing to obtain the texts before this time will not be accepted as an excuse for not being able to do the assigned reading.) In the "Schedule of Topics & Readings," I use the abbreviations given below [BOLD CAPITALS in brackets] to refer to them.

Joël Dubois, The Hidden Life of Brahman (photocopy) [HLB]

Natalia Isayeva, Shankara and Indian Philosophy (0-7914-1282-2) [SIP]

Richard King, Early Advaita Vedaanta and Buddhism (0-79142514-2) [EAVB]

You will also choose ONE of the following, based on interests developed during the term:

Tarka Samgraha of Annambhatta (81-7120-674-3) [TkS]

Vedaanta Saarra of Sadananda (no ISBN) [VedS]

Meemaamsaa Paribhaasha of Krshna Yajvan ((no ISBN) [MPbh]

Any other assigned readings, listed by author and title and marked with an (*R*) in the "Schedule of Topics and Readings" will be available on reserve, both on in hard copy (behind the circulation desk) and on-line at e-reserves (no printing available).


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