Beverly Eddy’s Physical Anthropology Links

Click on the links below.


*     Talk Origins – This is a huge site dealing with all aspects of anthropology.

*     Anthropology in the news – Updated daily.

*     E-museum – Check out today in history.

*     Physical Anthropology Tutorials


*     The Biology Project Human Genetics – Lots of interactive tutorials.

*     MendelWeb – A short history of genetics.

*     Blue People of Troublesome Creek – An interesting example of a recessive trait.

*     Blazing a Genetic Trail – Tutorial and reference.

*     Your Genes Your Health – Information about specific genetic disorders.

*     Animated Blood Typing Lab – Interactive


*     Sacramento Zoo

*     Duke University Primate Center – Mostly prosimians

*     Primarily Primates – Good information on primate taxonomy.

Human Osteology

*     CSUS Bone Tutor – Labeled diagrams of the various bones.

*     Bones of the Body – Interactive bone tutor.

*     Skull Module – Another bone tutor.  This one’s from Chico State.

*     The e-skeleton Project – Compares human, gorilla, and baboon skeletons.

*     Online Skeleton – A printable 32 page booklet on the human skeleton.

Hominid Evolution

*     CSUS Fossil Casts – Pictures of the fossil casts in the CSUS collection.

*     UCMP Evolution Exhibit – The history of evolution and evolutionary thought.

*     Becoming Human – A documentary on evolution with videos and activities.  Very nice. (requires broadband)

*     Hall of Human Ancestors – Informative and up to date with great pictures of the hominid fossils.

Forensic Anthropology

*     Zeno’s Forensic Site – Lots of links to forensic sciences.

* – Resources, links, books, career information.

*     Human Rights and Forensic Anthropology – Current work.

*     Crime Library – Case histories and information about crimes and criminals.