The GPHD 5 final will be on Monday, December 16th, at 3pm and will consist of 60 multiple choice/true-false questions. Bring a 4521 scantron sheet, #2 pencil and 3x5 note card to the test. Arrive early as tests will be handed out at 3pm sharp.

Things to review and notate on your 3x5 card:

BAGD Reading + Lectures:
• Type and Lettering
• Design Businesses
• Design Options
• Design Education

BAGD Designer Profiles:
• Tobias Frere-Jones pg 208
• Craig Frazier pg 238
• Louise Fili pg 244
• Jeff Johnson pg 286
• Mark Randall pg 289
• Katherine McCoy pg 318

Supplemental Readings + Lectures:
• The Design Model (the venn diagram with the spheres A, O and M)
• First Things First
• Ethics in Graphic Design
• A Whole New Mind
• Common Denominator of Success

Guest Speakers:
• Daniel Darcy
• Kyle Marks
• Paul Le
• Alan Wilson
• Matt Stuart + AK Kussair

Note: As was the case in our midterm, you may turn in your 3x5 card to earn extra credit points. Place your name prominently on both sides of the card for easy identification.