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Nick Ewing, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences


Fall, 2010:

Bio 2: Cells, Molecules and Genes

Lecture (sec. 8): TuTh 9-10:15, SQU 338

Lab (sec. 9): Tu 10:30-1:20, SQU 208

Lab (sec. 10): Tu 2:00-4:50, SQU 208

Lab (sec. 11): Th 10:30-1:20, SQU 208

Activity (sec 12): We 10:00-11:00, SQU 102

Activity (sec. 13): We 1:00-2:00, SQU 443

Activity (sec. 14): Fr 10:00-11:50, HMB 102

Bio 199/299: TBA

Summer, 2010:

ATS Biotechnology in Medicine and Agriculture

Spring, 2010: On Sabbatical

Fall, 2009

Bio 2: Cells, Molecules and Genes

Spring, 2009

Bio 2: Cells, Molecules and Genes

Bio 181: Molecular Biology Lab

Office Hours Fall 2010:


or email me for an appointment

Contact Information:

Nicholas Ewing

Department of Biological Sciences

CSU, Sacramento

6000 J St.

Sacramento, CA 95819-6077

Phone: (916) 278-6707

FAX: (916) 278-6993

email: nnewing@csus.edu

Research Interests:

Examination of the role of plasma membrane proton ATPase gene family members in controlling plant growth and development.

Curriculum Vitae

Community Activities:

Board Member and Vice President, American River Parkway Foundation , www.arpf.org. Lots of opportunities for volunteers!

Steward, Invasive Plant Program, American River Parkway Foundation

Former Board Member, American River Watershed Institute

More information about Bio Sci at CSUS:

Dept of Bio Sci Website

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