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Accident Story Sample

Youth killed

A 16-year-old Springfield man was killed this morning when his car collided with an empty school bus at Thompson Lane and Lindbergh Avenue.

Kevin L. Bowen of 513 Maple Lane died at 7 p.m. at Springfield Hospital, where he had been taken following the accident.

A passenger in Bowen's car, Brad Levitt, 16, was injured. He is in satisfactory condition at the hospital. Also injured was Ruth L. Anderson, 42. She was hurt after Bowen's car and the school bus collided and Bowen's car skidded into hers.

Police said the accident occurred as Bowen attempted to turn left from Thompson Lane on to Lindbergh Avenue. He turned into the path of the school bus, which was headed north on Lindbergh. The bus, driven by Lindell B. Johnson, 24, struck the left side of Bowen's car.

Bowen's car crossed the southbound lane and traveled 54 feet north of the intersection, where Bowen's car struck Anderson's, which was southbound on Lindbergh. Her car was forced off the road and into a ditch, police said.

Police said Bowen's car was destroyed. Damage was estimated at $1,000 for the bus and $250 for Anderson's car.