Your extra credit discussion board on SacCT is where you get to raise questions, make comments about class lecture and discussion, state your views on the issues of the day and discuss the readings of the class.  Your participation on this discussion board earns you up to 30 extra credit points in the class.

There are a few ground rules that I want all students to abide by.

1.  All comments should be substantive.  Short comments such as "I agree," "Very funny," etc. are not acceptable.  Use your posts to convey information and to educate.  It is appropriate (and thoughtful) to send a private e-mail to a student that compliments him or her on a post that you believe to be especially good.

2.  I expect that students will be civil in their posts.  While you are free to disagree with a fellow student, you are not permitted to label a post or a poster as "ignorant," stupid," "bigoted," etc.  You should also avoid vulgarities in expressing your views.

3.  I expect all posts to be relevant to a Government 1 class.  This is not the place for movie reviews, comments about the fortunes of the Kings and observations about the weather.  The only exception that I make is that you can discuss events on campus that you think might be of general interest.  So, I will permit complaints about the difficulty of getting classes, the price of textbooks and the like even though they have no clear political relevance.

4.  If I find a post to be inappropriate, I will let you know by private e-mail.  If offenses continue, it is possible that I will ban the offender from the bulletin board altogether.  However, in my years of using SacCT, I have never had to resort to this ultimate sanction.

5. Your posts on the bulletin board will be evaluated and some posts will earn you more points than others. It is possible that some posts may not earn you any points and inappropriate posts may cause you to lose points of extra credit. Every three week period we will post a grade (up to 30 points) that will constitute our evaluation of the quality of your posting for the period. At the end of the semester, we will take an average of all the three week postings and that average will be your extra credit point score.


The standards that will be used in evaluating the posts are as follows.


*importance of the issue and your contribution to helping other students understand it.

*wording of the posts spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence structure

*logic and your use of evidence in making your points

*relevance to the class e.g., issues and readings we are discussing, items in the news

*frequency and consistency of postings

*evidence that you have read posts of other posters


6. As you can imagine, there is a considerable amount of subjectivity that goes into the extra credit grading. In general, I will not respond to disputes about extra credit grading. However, if you wish to improve on your extra credit, you should feel free to ask for suggestions from the instructor or from the student assistants.