Every student will take a quiz on Tuesday (or for online students due by Tuesday before 9:00AM).  The quizzes cover all text material assigned for that Tuesday and the preceding Thursday.  For example, our first Tuesday quiz (February 4) will cover the readings assigned on Thursday, January 30 and Tuesday, February 4.   


All quizzes are of the short essay variety.  The top grade on a quiz is a 10.  At the end of the semester, your lowest quiz score will be deleted.


For studio and classroom students, the quizzes will start promptly at 9:00 and will be handed into the instructor or student assistant by 9:05.  It is of vital importance that you not be late for class.  Handing in a quiz with an incorrect answer will give you a 4.   If you do not take the quiz, you will be given a 0.


You are not permitted to hand in a quiz or test for a student not in attendance.  If you do so, this will be considered as an example of academic dishonesty.  You are not permitted to consult your texts or notes.


If you provide advance (12 hours or more) notice to the instructor, you will be permitted to take an online quiz instead of the normal classroom quiz.   In addition, for compelling reasons, and at the discretion of the instructor or teaching assistant, you may be given an excused absence.  An excused absence (given a grade of a in the gradebook) is not calculated when computing final quiz averages and hence does not lower your quiz average. [It is possible that an online quiz can be provided to you even with far less advance notice than 12 hours but this is not guaranteed.]


Web students will be able to take their quizzes beginning on Friday but they must be completed by 9:00AM on Tuesday.  You will also have 5 minutes to take your quiz and will be given 4 points just for the submission of the quiz.  If you are in the Web section, you are free to consult your texts and notes.  However, all responses have to be in your own words, not the words of the texts or other sources like Wikipedia.  If the instructor considers your wording to be too close to that of the assigned reading, you will be awarded a 0 for that quiz.  Quoting or paraphrasing from outside sources will be considered a form of academic dishonesty.


Because you have 4 days to take your quiz, you will only be given an excused absence for the most compelling reasons.  An excused absence is not calculated when computing final quiz averages and hence does not lower your quiz average.