Joan P. Gipe
A Focus On Teaching
Professor Emerita, University of New Orleans
Lecturer, California State University, Sacramento

Language and Literacy, A/B
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My personal goals for EDTE 309A/B are that students begin to construct their own beliefs and theories about literacy learning, become familiar with a variety of instructional strategies, and learn to implement these strategies. I also hope that my students learn how important it is to instill a love of reading within their own future students. This course supports literature-based instruction to address the goal of instilling a love of reading, and the use of portfolios to demonstrate professional growth.

EDTE 401/307
Teacher Preparation Seminars
Course Materials

These seminars are designed to orient student teachers to the teaching profession and to elementary schools, and encourage reflection by student teachers on their teacher education program. The seminars consist of scheduled observations, participation, and field experiences within elementary school classrooms and reflection on their entire program through the use of discussion and reflective journals in the format of a weekly or twice monthly seminar.

Assessment and Instruction
for Struggling Readers

Course Materials

My personal goal for EDTE 296Y is that students begin to appreciate that instruction and assessment are not completely separate entities. It is often through daily instructional activities that a teacher will learn the most about a student's particular strengths and needs. Through collaborative learning, specifically literature circles and study groups, the students and I explore the professional literature on assessment alternatives, and seek answers to questions that are important to them.

EDTE 203
Strategies for Connecting
Text, Context, and Learners

Course Materials

My goal for this course is to establish a learning community that will focus on making connections between literacy strategies and literacy theories. Students participating in this class will learn many valuable literacy strategies, but they will also learn why these strategies are effective. They will also learn more about matching a particular strategy to the needs of the learner.

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