Academic Interests:

o What are the factors that explain Sacramento’s economic growth? What are the economic and social consequences of this growth? Can the residents of Sacramento manage this growth?

o What are the historical origins of today’s global economy? What are the economic, political and social consequences of a global economy that has increased economic interdependence among economies? Why do some economies experience fast economic growth while others barely grow at all?

Non Academic Interests:

Mountaineering 1999/2000

o hiked in the Sweetwater Mountains, a mountain range located both in California and Nevada east of Highway 395 between Bridgeport and Topaz Lake. Climbed Mount Patterson (11,800+), the highest peak in the range, and East Sister (10,400). An August snow storm kept us from climbing Wheeler Peak (11,600+).

o hiked with in the Columbia River Gorge and climbed Washington’s Mount St. Helen.

o hike with my youngest son to the top of Desolation Wilderness’ highest peak Pyramid Peak         (10,000).

o hiked along the north rim of Yosemite Valley from Yosemite Falls/Point to North Dome.

o hiked in the Columbia River Gorge and climbed the South Sister (10,400+).

Ski Mountaineering and Backcountry Skiing 1999/2000

o skied numerous peaks along the Sierra Crest from Donner Summit southward down Highway 395 to Mono Lake.

o Mid-winter ski in the Tioga Pass area while spending three days at the Tioga Pass Winter Resort. The resort is located on Highway 120 less than two miles from Tioga Pass (Yosemite National Park eastern boundary) at an elevation of 9400 feet. Access to the resort is by ski.

o skied with my oldest son Pyramid Peak

o skied into the Sawtooth Range (west of Bridgeport/ Highway 395 and Conway Summit) and Virginia Lakes Basin.

o traveled to Canada’s Selkirk mountains where a helicopter took us to a remote mountain lodge for seven days of dry powder skiing. There were no lifts.

o skied in the Sweetwaters and spent three days at the Tioga Pass Winter Resort.

San Francisco and Beyond

o The Opera, ACT, good food and long weekends in Ashland for plays.

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