Medicare / Health Care Policy in the US 
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The purpose of this web page is to help others understand more about Medicare/Health Care here in the United States. We hope college students will utilize the information depicted for future reports on the subject matter. It was very difficult for us to obtain the information so also placing all the data we've collected thus far as well as links to elaborate more on Medicare/Health Care will make everyone's experience in learning this topic easier.


Although we hope everyone who visits this web page will gain a better understanding in Medicare / Health Care. Upon the collaboration of the project we soon discovered how bleak the future of Medicare will be. We as a group came up with several solutions as well as collected some from our peers in hopes they are considered and carried out by others; a movement to reform the current US policy. If you feel any concern on this issue please contact your local political figure/congress person.


- Jared "The Godfather" Kashiwabara

- Huong "Maganda" Nguyen

- Francisco "Stunna" Raygoza

- Will AKA "Big Willie Style" Salone

- Dennis "Mini Stunner" Terbio


"Thank You Medicare"

Stop Fraud

Medicare = Hungry Hippo

Gore's Plan

Say "No" to Medicare Cutbacks

The Circle

the end
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