Child Development 133 
Research Methods in Human Development

Sections 02 & 06
Hembree            Fall, 2009


Homework #10 - Special Topic

Completed in class 12/8 - 10 points

Complete the following questions related to the in-class video on testing.

1) List (two) potential drawbacks and (two) benefits of  testing.





2) What consequences does high stakes testing have for teacher behavior and course curriculum. Give examples from the video. 





3)What issues are presented related to validity and reliability of testing?





4) If one were to implement testing in the schools, what conditions would you like to see met, i.e., what would be the best way to insure validity and reliability, and appropriate use of tests?






5) We will be discussing the use of testing in public schools during class after the video. Develop two DISCUSSION questions related to this topic that your group can discuss. These questions should be questions for discussion, NOT factual questions.









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