Child Development 133 
Research Methods in Human Development

Sections 02 & 06
Hembree            Fall, 2009


  HOMEWORK #8 - Factorial Design Activity/Discussion

Due 11/17 - completed in class - 6 points

Complete the following activities in your group during class discussion.

1.   Design an experiment to test whether having something pleasant to drink (Orange Juice) assists participants in memorizing sentences.  Identify the independent and dependent variable. Next, create hypothetical data that supports a positive effect for the Orange Juice. Graphically present the (hypothetical) results.










2.   Take the design you constructed above and add the (independent) variable of the sentences being either simple or complex in meaning.  Diagram the study and discuss and list some potential outcomes. 











3.    Would there be any advantage of performing separate studies, one looking at the effects of pleasant experiences on recall and one looking at the level of complexity? Would there be any disadvantages?









4.    Say that, in conducting the study, you obtain results which suggest an interaction between having orange juice and sentence complexity. What does this mean? Create hypothetical results that indicate such an interaction and graph these results.











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