Child Development 133 
Research Methods in Human Development

Sections 01 & 05
Hembree            Fall, 2012


Writing Exercises - Part 1

10 points

Note: Please word process & print out this homework. Homework is due on the date listed in the course schedule. Late Homework will not be accepted.

I. Complete study questions 1-11 from chapter 16 of your (Leary) text. (3 points)


II. Using your critique paper reading (Reading #1), complete the exercises listed in Ch. 2 of the Szuchman text. (3 pts)


III. Use your Szuchman text (chapter 2) to complete the following activity (2 pts):

Choose 3 "reminders" from the chapter. For each reminder, provide YOUR OWN example of a sentence that illustrates a violation of the reminder, along with the corrected version of the sentence.

For example:

Reminder: "These words are plural nouns: data, criteria, phenomena, stimuli, and hypotheses".

Incorrect example: The data demonstrates a trend.

Correct example: The data demonstrate a trend.


IV. APA Style citations (2 pts)

Use the 133 web page resources links, (especially the 133 APA handout and OWL) to conduct the following APA exercises.

Correct the following four citations. Correct the error and explain what principle is violated.

In their study, Smith & Thomas (2002) found that children were more likely to delay gratification when parents labeled them as patient .


The strongest predictor of delay of gratification was language ability (Smith & Thomas, 2002, p. 2).


In the study, "Delay of Gratification: Impact of Parent Training", 38 children and their families were recruited from Head Start preschools.


Children whose parents participated in the training were "better able to delay gratification three months later" (Smith, E. B. & Thomas, D.S., 2002, p.16).


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