Child Development 133 
Research Methods in Human Development

Sections 01 & 05
Hembree            Fall, 2012


Writing Checklist for Papers

Use the following checklist in checking and revising your APA style paper. Additional APA guidelines may be found at

APA Format

  • Margins are to be 1" from top, bottom, and sides

  • Paper is Double spaced

  • Courier or Times New Roman in 12-point font size is used. 

  • Justification only on left side of paper.

  • Page numbers begin with title page, placed on top right hand corner.

  • Paragraphs are indented five to seven spaces (1/2 inch). Paragraphs are longer than a single sentence.

  • Abbreviations  used sparingly. Always spell out what the abbreviation means the first time it is used (For example, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) ). Thereafter, use the abbreviation.

  • Direct quotes have quotation marks and page number listed

  • All references formatted in APA

  • Numbers under 10 and beginning sentences are spelled out

  • References match citations, formatted in APA

Grammar/Expressing Ideas

  • Paper is organized with elements in logical order

  • Style of writing is formal (no slang, cliches), specific, and precise

  • Frequently misused words are checked

  • Past tense used consistently for summarizing previous research

  • Verb and subject match

  • Sentences do not begin with ‘so’ or ‘and’

  • No “I believe” and “I feel” or “I think”

  • Complete sentences are used (Avoid run-on sentences and sentence fragments)

  • No one-sentence paragraphs

  • No jargon, wordiness, redundancy

  • Punctuation (commas, apostrophes) used correctly

  • No references to personal experience or anecdote

  • Statements are supported by research citations

  • No -over-use of direct quotes

  • New paragraph = new idea



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