Child Development 133 
Research Methods in Human Development

Sections 04, 68 & 69
Hembree            Spring, 2011


Critique Article Guiding Questions


1)       Why is the topic important to study? What justification do the authors give for investigating the topic?

2)       What is the general purpose of the study?

3)       What hypotheses are the authors testing?


4)       Who participated in the study? How were they recruited?

5)       How were each of the variables assessed?


6)       What were the results for each of the hypotheses?


7)    What general conclusions do the authors draw from their results?

8)    How are the findings explained?

9)  What suggestions do the authors make for future research?


10) Provide an evaluation of the study. What limitations are there to the measures or method? What strengths do you see?

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