Child Development 133 
Research Methods in Human Development

Sections 04, 68, & 69
Hembree           Spring, 2011


Homework 10

7 points

Complete part I and II before class on 5/9. Complete part III in class.

I. Read supplementary reading #5 and write two discussion questions related to the reading. These questions should be questions for discussion, NOT factual questions (see below).  Please think of questions you would like to discuss with your classmates. I will select several student questions as the basis for our class discussion.

An example of a discussion question:

What are some of the limitations of testing? How might we change tests to ensure that they accurately measure student performance?

An example of a factual question:

What effects on teachers do Charlesworth et. al find?

II. Find a web site on standardized testing. Print out, read, and bring a printed copy of the report to class  with you.

III. Watch the Frontline special on standardized testing shown in class and write two additional discussion questions prompted by the video.



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