Child Development 133 
Research Methods in Human Development

Sections 04, 68 & 69
Hembree            Spring, 2011


Homework #1 - Writing Exercises - Part 1

10 points

I. Complete study questions 1-11 on p. 397 of your (Leary) text.

II. Using your critique paper reading (Reading #1), complete the exercises listed in Ch. 2 of the Szuchman text..  

III. Use your Szuchman text (chapter 2) to complete the following activity:

Choose 5 "reminders" from the chapter. For each reminder, provide YOUR OWN example of a sentence that illustrates a violation of the reminder, along with the corrected version of the sentence.

For example:

Reminder: "These words are plural nouns: data, criteria, phenomena, stimuli, and hypotheses".

Incorrect example: The data demonstrates a trend.

Correct example: The data demonstrate a trend.

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