Child Development 133 
Research Methods in Human Development

Sections 04, 68 & 69
Hembree            Spring, 2011


Homework #9 - Writing Exercises - Part 2

8 points

I. Writing the Results section:

Read Ch. 5 of the Szuchman text and list three important things to keep in mind about each of the following  aspects of writing a results section.

1) presenting statistics

2) presenting data with tables

3) writing rules

II. Writing the Discussion section

Read Ch. 6 of the Szuchman text and use the discussion section of supplementary reading #1 to find statements related to each of the following aspects of a discussion section (one for each):

1) reference to the main hypothesis(es) and/or a restatement of the results

2) reference to how the results are linked to previous research

3) reference to the limitations of the study

4) suggestions for future research


III. APA Style  conduct the following exercises.

Use the 133 web page resources links, (especially the 133 APA handout and OWL) to conduct the following APA exercises.

A. Citations in text.

Correct the following four citations. Correct the error and explain what principle is violated.

In their study, Smith & Thomas (2002) found that children were more likely to delay gratification when parents labeled them as patient .

The strongest predictor of delay of gratification was language ability (Smith & Thomas, 2002, p. 2).

In the study, "Delay of Gratification: Impact of Parent Training", 38 children and their families were recruited from Head Start preschools.

Children whose parents participated in the training were "better able to delay gratification three months later" (Smith, E. B. & Thomas, D.S., 2002, p.16).

B. References

Write the following references using correct APA style.

1) A journal article entitled "Beliefs and achievement: A study of Black, white and Hispanic children" written by H.W. Stevenson, S. Chen and D.H. Uttal in volume 61 of the journal Child Development and published in 1990 (pp. 23-45).

 2) A 1986 chapter entitled "Television and cognitive development" written by Thomas Williams contained in an edited book entitled "The impact of television; A natural experiment in three communities", edited by L.F. Harrison and published by Academic Press in Orlando, FL. (pp. 230-261).

 3) A 1999 book entitled "Motivation and Self-Regulation Across the Lifespan"  by Jane Heckhauser and Carol Dweck. The publisher is Cambridge University Press and they are located in New York.  

C. APA Style Editing and Corrections

Print the self-scoring document developed by Marilyn Freimuth, Office of Teaching Resources, Fielding Graduate University. Correct the text for APA style. There are15 separate APA errors in the document, and 35 errors in total. Find at least 10 different APA errors (or more!). Make the corrections directly on the document and explain what the error was in the margin.

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