Child Development 133 (03, 04,
72, 73 & 74)
Research Methods in Human Development

Hembree            Spring, 2013


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* Note: The schedule is updated regularly. Please check it weekly.  Lecture outlines and assignment handout links are indicated in red.  Revised 4/30/13





  Reading Assignment



M 1/28







W 1/30


The Research Process


   Leary, Ch.1  



M 2/4


Variance and variability


Leary, Ch. 2

Szuchman, Ch. 1, 2 & 10

variance handout



W 2/6

Writing/APA Style

POP QUIZ on APA style

Leary Ch. 16

APA Style Tutorial:
- general format
- citations (basics)
- citations (author)
- APA papers
- stylistic basics
- avoiding bias

Print out APA Style Handout for class



M 2/11





Leary, Ch. 3  

Supplementary Reading #1 (critique paper article - Use guiding questions to help you read the article)


Homework #1 (Writing exercises) due (new due date)

Any requests for Research group members due in class or via email (optional)  

W 2/13


Measurement  (conít)

Discuss critique article (BRING ARTICLE TO CLASS!

Descriptive and Qualitative Research



Leary, Ch. 4





M 2/18

NO CLASS - work on critique papers and  prepare for exam



Leary, Ch. 5
Ch. 6  (pp. 117-123)

Supplementary Reading #2 

 Exam guide #1





W 2/20


Descriptive and Qualitative Research (con't)

 Review for exam  



Summary/Critique Paper #1 due (new due date)

M 2/25


Exam #1  


See Exam guide #1



W 2/27


Experimental Methods 


Leary, Ch. 9





M 3/4

Library Research

Meet in Eureka 301

Work in Research groups to complete Worksheet I (print out for class)   






W 3/6



Experimental Methods  (con't)

Descriptive Statistics




Leary, Ch. 6 (pp. 124-139)




M 3/11


Descriptive Statistics (con't)

Print out problem set; bring your calculator

Meet in groups to prepare for data collection work on  Worksheet II



Szuchman, Ch. 3 & 4     

Homework #2(Research Project Worksheet I)


W 3/13


Correlational Research



Leary, Ch. 7



Homework #3 (1st problem set) due


M 3/18

Correlational Research (con't)

Meet in groups to prepare for data collection and work to complete Worksheet II






W 3/20

External/ecological validity


 Supplementary Reading #3 


Homework #4  (Research Project Worksheet II + project materials) due 



M 4/1


Cesar Chavez Day Holiday -

No class






W 4/3

Analyzing data/inferential statistics (not on exam 2)

Review for exam


Leary, Ch. 11 

Exam guide #2


 Summary/Critique #1 rewrites due (optional)    


M 4/8

Exam #2

Exam guide #2




W 4/10


Collect data for research projects






M 4/15

Collect data for research projects



Summary/Critique Paper #2 due


W 4/17


Meet in groups to code data and compute descriptive statistics

Szuchman, Ch. 5 & 6 

Leary, Ch. 13



M 4/22

Analyzing data/inferential statistics (con't)

Print out problem set and handouts for class (bring Calculator)




T-test handout  

Chi-square handout   





W 4/24 

Analyzing data/inferential statistics (con't)

Meet in Research Groups for data analysis and to work on Worksheet III - data analysis (bring your calculator and your group's data!)  


T-test handout  

Chi-square handout   

Szuchman, Ch. 7-11





M 4/29


Quasi-experimental and Developmental Designs

Writing research reports & posters



 Leary, Ch. 10, 13

Supplementary Reading #4

APA Style Tutorial:
- reference lists
- headings
- tables part 1
- statistics

Review Leary Ch. 16


Homework #5
 (Problem set 2)
due (new due date)  




W 5/1


Advanced Experimental and Correlational Designs




Leary, Ch. 12




Homework #6 (Research Project  Worksheet III) due (new due date)


M 5/6


Advanced Experimental and Correlational Designs (con't)

Print out factorial design worksheet  to complete in class




Leary, Ch. 8

Exam guide #3   


 Homework #7 (factorial design worksheet) due (completed in class)

Early draft of Research Project Paper due (optional but recommended)

W 5/8

Research Ethics Complete textbook questions before class (homework)

Ethics discussion

Review for exam

Meet in research groups to work on   poster presentations 


Ch. 15

Review Millgram web page and Zimbardo Prison Experiment before class.

 See Exam guide #3 and PRACTICE PROBLEMS


Homework #8 (Ch. 15 - Ethics Questions)


M 5/13 



Exam #3


See Exam guide #3 and PRACTICE PROBLEMS




W 5/15



Group Presentations/ Poster Session   





**Final Research Paper due by Wednesday, May 22nd (finals week) by 5pm in Brighton Hall 232 (instructorís office - slip under door)


Send problems, comments or suggestions to:

California State University, Sacramento

College of Education

Department of Child Development

Updated: January 25, 2013

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