Child Development 138 (04) - Hembree
Social and Emotional Development
California State University, Sacramento
Fall, 2010 


Observation Assignments

The lab portion of the course requires systematic observation of children in community settings. There are two observation assignments concerning topics associated with social and emotional development (theory of mind and moral reasoning). Each observation assignment requires approximately 2-3 hours of observation (outside of class) with a written record of the observation due at the designated lab session. A written report/reflection is then due two weeks later. Each observation assignment is worth 10 points and each observation report is worth an additional 20 points. 

Observations may be conducted at the ASI Children's Center on campus. Please consult the Children's Center Observation Guidelines before conducting your visit. You may conduct your observations with a partner. 

Please see links for detailed handouts for each assignment below. Due dates for observation assignments and reports are listed on the course outline.




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