Child Development 138 (04) - Hembree
Social and Emotional Development
California State University, Sacramento
Spring, 2009 

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Community as Context

I. School/Media as Context

Guiding Questions 

Please print out the following questions and bring them to class on Monday. We will complete the questions during class.

1) What are some of the identified effects (both positive and negative) of television on children's social development? 





2) What conclusions can be drawn from research concerning extensive exposure to televised violence? What theoretical framework is supported by such research?






3) What are some of the identified concerns and benefits about children's use of computer games?






4) What is the informal curriculum? Give an example.





5) What are the effects of schooling on cognitive development? What might be some disadvantages to starting school at a younger age? (Box 12-2)





6) Identify factors related to effective schooling. Name two misconceptions about effective schooling. 





7) What factors explain some of the challenges experienced by Ethnic minorities in American schools?






8) What are some factors that explain the achievement gap between Asian and American students?





II. Neighborhoods as Contexts


 A. Influence of Neighborhood and Community on children's development


  • Revisit of systems approach







B. Poverty/Research on Poverty

1. Some (Scary) Statistics






2. The effects of poverty on development






3. Mediating and moderating effects of parenting and family environments






4. Interventions





C. Resilience

What predicts resilience in children??






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