Child Development 138 (04) - Hembree
Social and Emotional Development
California State University, Sacramento
Spring, 2009 

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The following assignments are required (click on the green links for more detailed handouts). Due dates for all assignments are listed on the course schedule.

I. LAB Assignments

Research Discussions (40 points) – Four lab sessions will be devoted to small group discussion of eight empirical articles.  Each student will serve as discussion leader for one of the eight articles and as discussion participant for two additional articles. Discussion leaders will present a brief summary of the study and provide a one-page outline for student participants. Discussion participants will read the article and provide a brief summary. Leaders and Discussants must complete worksheets in preparation for research discussions. Please provide me with list of your first four choices for articles by Monday, Feb 2nd, so that discussion leaders may be assigned for each of the articles.

Observations (2 @ 10 points each - 20 points) - The lab portion of the course requires systematic observation of children in community settings. There will be two observation assignments concerning topics associated with social and emotional development (theory of mind, moral development). Each observation assignment requires approximately 2-3 hours of observation (outside of class) with a written record of the observation/interview due at the designated lab session. Students must be present at lab sessions in order to receive credit for their observations. 

Observation Reports  (2@ 15 points each - 30 points) - The lab portion of the course requires systematic observation of children in community settings. A written report/reflection for each observation assignment is due two weeks after each observation discussion. 


II. COURSE (lecture) Assignments:

Exams  (150 points) - There will be three non-cumulative exams, each covering roughly one-third of the course material. These exams will cover readings, lectures, class activities, and videos and include multiple choice,   short answer and essay questions. A study guide will be posted on the web page one week prior to each exam. 

Summary/Critique Paper  (25 points) - A 3-page summary and evaluation of your research discussion article is required. The paper is a summary of the introduction, method, results, and discussion sections of the article, as well as an evaluation of the study’s methodological strengths and weaknesses. The summary paper is due on Monday, February 16th. Late papers will not receive full credit.

Discussion questions/assignments  (10 points) - In some cases, students will be asked to complete written discussion questions in preparation for class sessions. Questions are listed on course schedule.

Research Paper (75 points) - This 6-8 page paper is a focused and integrated review of recent empirical research (at least 4 articles). Intermediate steps in the paper (e.g., outline and references) are due throughout the semester. Your final research paper is due on Monday, May 11th. Late papers will not receive full credit.


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