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Child Development 138 (04)
Social and Emotional Development
California State University, Sacramento
Spring, 2009


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Course Schedule


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   Please note: This schedule is subject to change! Please check for changes weekly.  Revised 5/4/09 






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  Reading Assignment
Readings should be done before Monday's lecture, except where noted



 1/26   &    1/28

LAB & LECT:   Introduction/Theory

Methods Review



  Shaffer, Ch. 1 (by Thurs)


 2/2   &    2/4 


LECT: Classic Theories



Ch. 2

Review research discussion handout


Provide four choices for research discussion articles ) by Mon 2/2

 2/9  &  2/11

LAB: Review Piaget (bring Shaffer text and print out guiding  questions for class)

LECT: Recent Theoretical Perspectives



read assigned  Research Discussion Leader article for Summary Paper

Ch. 3



2/16  &  2/18

LAB: Life's First Feelings (video) - Print out guiding questions for class. 

LECT: Emotional Development Review for exam


Ch. 4

Summary Paper due Mon 2/16


 2/23  &  2/25

LAB & LECT (Tues) : EXAM # 1 

LECT (Thurs): Attachment and Child Care





Ch. 5 (for thurs)




 3/2   & 

NO LAB (Optional advising session for CHDV students; bring your graduation petition and questions)

LECT: Attachment and Child Care


Supplementary Reading #1 (for first Observation)



3/9 & 3/11

LAB: Review PsychInfo search techniques - Meet in MND 2004

LECT:  The Self and Social Cognition



Ch. 6

Research paper topic due during Lab session 3/9

3/16 & 3/18

LAB: Observation #1  discussion and analysis (BRING CALCULATOR AND COMPLETED APPENDIX)

LECT:  Gender and Sex-Role Development (BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK TO CLASS on Wed)



Ch. 8




Observation Assignment #1 due at lab session





3/23 & 3/25

LAB: Discussion and presentations 1 (Grossman et al. and Belsky et al.)

LECT: Gender and Sex-Role Development (con't)

Aggression and conflict  BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK PRINT OUT THEORY WORKSHEET on Monday to complete in class





Ch. 9



Research Paper Outline and References due Wed 3/25



4/6 & 4/8

LAB: Discussion and presentations 2 (Phinney et al. and Crick et al.)

LECT:  Aggression and conflict (con't)

Review for exam



Supplementary Reading #2 (for 2nd observation) 

Ch. 10

Observation #1 Report due Wed 4/8 

4/13 & 4/15

LECT & LAB (Mon): EXAM #2 

LECT (Wed): Moral Development 









4/20 & 4/22

LAB: Observation  #2  discussion and analysis (BRING CALCULATOR)

LECT:  Moral Development (con't)

Family as Context



Ch. 11 

Observation Assignment #2 due at lab session 4/20


4/27 &  4/29

LAB : Discussion & presentations 3 (Houck & Lecuyer-Maus and Lee et al.)

LECT: Family as Context (con't)

Peer Relationships   



Ch. 13   



Early draft of Research Paper for instructor review due Mon 4/27 (optional, but encouraged)


5/4 &  5/6

LAB: Discussion & presentations 4 (Bos et al. and Donahue et al.)

LECT: Peer Relationships   



Ch. 12




Observation #2 Report due Wed 5/6

5/11  &  5/13


MONDAY LECT: Community/Schools and Development (BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK and print out guiding questions on lecture outline) 

WED LECT: Last Day Discussion -  (bring your text book and print out questions)

Exam Review



Final Research Paper due by Wed 5/13

Exam #3 - Choose ONE of the following dates/times: Wed (5/20) 10:15-12:15 in MND 2004 OR Friday (5/22) 10:15-12:15 in DH 213.



Send problems, comments or suggestions to: hembrees@csus.edu. Updated: January 15, 2009

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