Child Development 138 (03) - Hembree
Social and Emotional Development
California State University, Sacramento
Spring, 2011 


Last Day Discussion Questions

These discussion questions will be completed and turned in during the last class and are worth 2 extra credit points. You must be present during class to receive credit for this assignment. Please print this sheet out and bring it with you, along with your textbook, to the last class session.

Thinking back on the entire course, consider the following questions (in your group):

1) Discuss two of the issues/conclusions presented in the Epilogue. Which do you think are the most compelling? Based on these conclusions, what advice do you have for teachers, parents, or child care professionals?




2) Considering the many studies we've covered in this course, what struck you as the most interesting study or finding?  Why?





3)  How does what you've learned in this class inform (a) you, in your "real life", (b) the process of parenting and (c) professionals who work with children?  (i.e., think of research which addresses each of these areas, and as a group, apply what you've learned)






4) Briefly summarize your research paper for the group.  What did you learn/what can you conclude from the research you reviewed?




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