Child Development 145 (01; 66-69) - Hembree
Controversial Issues in Child Development
Spring, 2012 


Parenting and Discipline

I. Parenting and Parenting Style

A. The importance of parents


B. Attachment


C. Variability in parenting beliefs and practice


D. Parenting Style

  • Permissive



  • Authoritarian



  • Authoritative




  • Research on parenting style


II. Discipline

A. Discipline Strategies

  • Behavioral forms - Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement



  • Punishment



  • Power assertion



  • natural consequences




  • Love withdrawal




  • Distraction



  • Induction



B. Factors associated with disciplinary practice

  • parenting beliefs


  • family of origin


  • social class


C. Factors influencing effectiveness of discipline

  • punitive nature of discipline


  • age of child


  • use of cognitive rationale/reasoning


  • consistency



III. Theoretical views of Physical Punishment

A. Psychoanalytic Theory




B. Learning theory




C.  Social-Cognitive Approaches




D. Systems/Context Approaches




IV. Arguments and Evidence related to physical punishment

A. What needs to be considered in the study?


B. Arguments for/against use of physical punishment


C. Research Evidence



V. Class Discussion



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