Child Development 145 (01; 66-69) - Hembree
Controversial Issues in Child Development
Spring, 2012 



I. Psychological Sex differences

A. Intro/Discussion

1) Identify some gender stereotypes. What are some commonly held beliefs/ideas about what men or women are supposed to be like?


2) Speculate about actual psychological sex differences.


B. Actual differences

1) What does research find?







2)  stereotypes vs. research findings



C. Cautions in interpreting sex differences






D. Taking a closer look at these differences (the WHY) is much more interesting and informative….





II. Gender development

A. gender concept/identity (KNOWLEDGE)

1. gender labeling and identity





2. gender concept/consistency




B. gender-role stereotypes (BELIEFS)






C. gender-typed behavior  

1. sex-typed toy preferences and preference for same-sex playmates


2. Gender segregation



3. Sex differences in crossing gender lines




III. Influences on Gender differences and gender development

A. Biological influences

1. Biological "events"




2. Evidence for biological factors





B. Evidence for social factors






C. How biology and social influences interact






IV. IV. Class Discussion/Activity

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