Child Development 145 (01; 66-69) - Hembree
Controversial Issues in Child Development
Spring, 2012 


High Stakes Testing


I.  Standardized Testing

A.    What is standardized testing?





B.     Advantages to standardized tests






C.    Disadvantages to standardized tests







D.    e.g. IQ








II. Methodological issues in testing

A.    Reliability and validity of measures






B.     Interpretation of scores

         Measurement error



         Norm referenced versus criterion referenced tests:




         Problem with using ranks and percentiles as measures of actual improvement






C.    Assessment the same thing as intervention?




D.    How will scores be used?





III. Developmental issues in testing

A.    Methodological difficulties in assessing young children




B.     Testing and Anxiety





C.     Developmental appropriateness of testing






D.    Convey what we value through testing it.





IV. No Child Left Behind

A.    Purpose and mission of the No Child Left Behind Act




B.     NCLB Requirements













C.    Has NCLB worked to accomplish mission? Porter & Polikof  

 1. Conclusions







2. Suggestions













VI. Societal/Community issues in testing (Discussion)







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