Child Development 145 (01; 66-69) - Hembree
Controversial Issues in Child Development
Spring, 2012 


Adolescent Sexual Behavior and Aggression

I. Special Education/Inclusion Discussion. Please see video and complete questions before class!

II. Adolescent Sexual Behavior

A.    Incidence




B.    Consequences

  • Sexually transmitted disease




  • pregnancy




  • Psychological consequences




C.  Factors associated with risky sexual behavior






  • Jones (2010)





D.  The role of family

  • Bersamin et al. (2008)




E. Elements of Effective programs




F. Discussion

1) What role can or should the school or community play in reducing risky sexual behavior? Should schools be held responsible for reducing sexual behavior in adolescents?

2) What role can or should family/parents play?

3) How can the Jones and Bersamin studies inform prevention programs for adolescents?


III.  Bullying and Youth Violence

A.    Definitions

  • aggression/types of aggression




  • Bullying/types of bullying  




  • youth violence





B.  Incidence and Consequences




1. Societal/Community Consequences





2. Individual Consequences for bullies and victims







C. Predictors of Aggression, Bullying, and Violence

  1. the social-ecological context of aggression




  1. developmental factors




  1. individual factors





  1. social factors



D. Effective prevention and intervention

1. School-based programs



  • Bowllan (2011)




2. Family based programs






  • Reese et al. (2000)




E. Discussion







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