Child Development 145 (01; 66-69) - Hembree
Controversial Issues in Child Development
Spring, 2012 


Cultural Diversity

I. Cultural Diversity in the US

A. Demographics from the latest census





B. Race, Ethnicity, and Culture






II. Culture and Development

A. Culture as a context vs. Culture as difference


  • How does culture manifest in children's lives?




B. Culture and Identity

1.Developmental Models of Identity formation




2. Developmental research of identity




3. Ethnic Identity

  • Research on Ethnic Identity





  • How is ethnic identity promoted?




4. Cultural Identity - Britto and Amer (2008)




C. Parenting and Culture




  • Barry et al. (2009)






III. Cultural Diversity in the Educational System

A. Effective programs promoting equity in children






B. Social Justice in the schools

  • Murray (2010)




  • Discussion







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