Child Development 145 (01; 66-69) - Hembree
Controversial Issues in Child Development
Spring, 2012 


Child Abuse and the Legal System

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I. Introduction

A.    Definitions and prevalence


 B.  Effects of Child Abuse

1.      Physical/Health problems




2.      Psychological & Behavioral problems







3.    Societal costs (direct and indirect)






C. Risk factors for Abuse

1.      Parental characteristics




2.      Child characteristics




3.      Family factors





4.      Neighborhood





D. Protective factors

1. Factors affecting outcome severity





2. What predicts resilience?






II. Prevention/Intervention

A.    Focus of Programs






B.     Research on effective prevention & intervention








C.   Parent Cognitions






     D. Need to consider social environment/neighborhood (Klein 2011)







E. Foster care

  • foster care as treatment





  • Problems with foster care






  • Lack of developmental focus (Zeanah et al.)







III. Legal Issues

A.    Criminal and Family Law Issues

·         mandated reporting




·         Prosecution




·         presumption of family preservation





·         Termination of parental rights





B.     Developmental Issues

  • Children’s eyewitness testimony & forensic interviews (Goodman)








C.    Foster care and Emancipation issues

1.      Outcomes for former foster children





2.      SRCD policy report/recommendations






D.  Discussion




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