CHDV/FACS 154 (03)
Issues in Parenting - Fall, 2012


Research on Parenting

I. Types of Research

A. Descriptive and Qualitative Research




B. Experimental Research

  • experimental control and causality





C. Correlational and Comparative Research

  • Correlational research vs. experimental research




  • limitations of correlational design





D. Developmental Research

  • cross-sectional and longitudinal designs



  • limitations of developmental research




II. Models for Research on Parenting

A. Parenting Traits Approach





e.g., Baumrind - Parenting Style

  • Authoritative




  • Authoritarian




  • Permissive




  • Neglectful/Indifferent





  • Correlational research in support of the parenting style






B. Social Learning/Social Cognitive and Social-Cognitive Approaches





  • e.g., Observational Learning Studies, Punishment studies





  • e.g., parents' interpretations of infant emotions




C. Sociological/Social Address Approach






e.g., cultural comparisons of co-sleeping





D. Microanalytic/Process Approach





e.g., interaction quality




E. Transaction/birdirectional effects




e.g., sequences of interactions/effects over time




F. Multivariate/Structural Equation Modeling


  • moderators and mediators




  • e.g., Reading #1 - Brown et al.








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