CHDV/FACS 154 (03)
Issues in Parenting - Fall, 2012


Socialization and Parental Influence

I. Introduction

A. The Process of Socialization



  • unidirectional vs. bidirectional influences



B. Discussion





II. Evidence of Parental Influence

A.  Maternal deprivation

  • Spitz - institutionalized children


  • Harlow


B. Parenting Style (Baumrind)



C.  Attachment Security

Ainsworth - The Strange Situation



1. Attachment classifications

  • secure



  • insecure - avoidant



  • insecure - resistant



  • disorganized


2. Research findings on security of attachment





D. Specific Parenting Practice




III. Limits to Parental Influence

A. Genetic factors

  • Gene/Environment interactions (Scarr & McCartney)








B. Peer Influences

1. Models of Peer Influence





2. Research Evidence





IV. Modern Perspectives on Parental Influence

A. Parents choose pathways and experiences





B. Parents influence how children interpret their experiences






C. Parents influence the speed with which children travel on a developmental pathway





D. e.g., peer relationships







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