CHDV/FACS 154 (03)
Issues in Parenting - Fall, 2012


Diversity in Parenting

Introduction: Process vs. Structure in Families





I. Single parents and their children

A. Transition to Parenthood for single parents





B. Outcomes for children 



II. Gay and Lesbian Parents

A. Types of Lesbian/Gay families




B. Differences in Parenting





C. Children of Gay/Lesbian Families

1. Outcomes






2. challenges







III. Adoptive Parents

A.    Types of Adoption





B.  Reasons for adoption/Adoption trends






C.  Research on Adoptive parenting





D. Challenges for Adoptive families






IV. Divorce

A.  The process of divorce




1. Parental conflict





2. effects of divorce on children






B. Factors ameliorating the effects of divorce

1. reducing parental conflict





2. maintaining income/standard of living





3. non-custodial contact


        Role of fathers following divorce



        Encouraging paternal involvement




4. Sources of support




C. Remarriage

1. types of step (blended)-families




2. challenges/rewards of step-parenting






V. Foster families

A. Characteristics of foster families




B. Effective foster parenting




C. Adjustment in Foster children










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