CHDV/FACS 154 (03)
Issues in Parenting - Fall, 2012


Culture and Parenting

I. Introduction

A. What is culture?



B. How does culture contribute to parenting?





C. Major Cultural Influences

1. Race



2. Ethnicity



3. Social Status/SES




4. Religion





C. Cultural Models of parenting

  •  systems approaches




  • independence and interdependence




D. Cross-cultural comparisons



1. Are there such things as "Universals" in parenting?




2. Western-centric models and research




3. The importance of cultural values in predicting parental practice




4. Culture as difference vs. culture as medium





II. Parenting in minority ethnic groups

A. Acculturation



B. Parenting characteristics

1. African-American parents



2. Latino/a parents



3. Asian parents



C. Important caveats in interpreting cross-cultural comparisons

1. Variability within groups!




2. explanations not tested in simple comparisons




3. role of Social class and immigrant status 




III. Social Class and Parenting

A.     SES differences in parenting





B.     Poverty


1.      Poverty trends




2.      poverty as risk factor - effects on development/adjustment





3.   effects on parenting





4.  mitigating the effects of poverty








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