CHDV/FACS 154 (03)
Issues in Parenting - Fall, 2012


Discussion Assignment #3

Physical Punishment 6 points

Note: you must be present for class discussion in order to receive credit for this assignment. Assignments must be word processed and completed before class in order to receive full credit.

Read the following web links and files, and chapter 7 of your text and use the information to respond to questions below.

Is corporal punishment effective?

Long-term risks of physical punishment

Spanking in Schools

Should spanking be illegal?

1)  What are the arguments pro and con for the use of corporal punishment as a discipline tool for children? (I do not refer to behavior that is abusive and illegal, but corporal or physical punishment)

2) Do you think that physical punishment/spanking is useful? If yes, under what conditions? Explain/justify your answer, using the articles you've read as support.

3) Should corporal punishment be banned in schools? Or made illegal? Why or why not? Provide a logical and coherent argument for your position. 



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