CHDV/FACS 154 (03)
Issues in Parenting - Fall, 2012


Discussion #6

Parenting in Gay/Lesbian Families - 8 points

First read the supplementary reading #3, then respond to the following questions.

Note: responses to these questions MUST be word processed and turned in at the beginning of the class session in order for you to receive credit for the assignment. 

1) According to Bos et al.,  why is it useful to compare families in the Netherlands?  What makes consideration of this sample useful as a way to test whether there are differences in the two family structures?

2) What is the main purpose of the study?

3) Briefly summarize (paraphrase, in your own words!) the study, including:

  • the sample studied and the methods used to collect data

  • the main results of the study (not statistics used) and

  • the authors' conclusions

4) According to the researcher, what additional issues and questions should be studied with regard to planned Gay and Lesbian families?




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