CHDV/FACS 154 (03)
Issues in Parenting - Fall, 2012


Discussion Assignments

Course discussion assignments are designed to prepare you for class discussions on parenting issues. They involve additional reading and work PRIOR to class sessions. Due dates for discussion assignments are listed in the course schedule. Together these assignments are worth 60 points.  Please see guidelines for assignments and links for each assignment below.

Guidelines for Discussion Assignments

  • Assignments are due IN CLASS on the due date listed on the course schedule.
  • Assignments MUST be word processed and completed before class.
  • NO LATE assignments will be accepted. I will not accept homework assignments via email. Please do not send them to me.
  • You must be present during class discussion to receive full credit for the assignment (no exceptions)
  • Partial (1/2) credit may be assigned to students participating in discussion without completing the assignment, by providing handwritten notes from class discussion.

Assignment links

Discussion assignment #1 - Fathers' influence (8 pts)

Discussion assignment #2  - Assisted Reproduction (6 pts)

Discussion assignment #3  -  The Spanking Debate (6 pts)

Discussion assignment #4 -   BOOK CLUB #1 (10 pts)

Discussion assignment #5  - Teen Pregnancy and Sex Education (7 pts)

Discussion assignment #6  -  Gay/Lesbian Families (8 pts)

Discussion assignment #7  - BOOK CLUB #2 (10 pts)

last day discussion (5 pts -  handwritten and completed in class)

Please note: These assignments will be posted and updated as the semester progresses.


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